Our Story

About Bergheim Meat Market

Bergheim Meat Market in Boerne, Texas was founded by two lifelong friends, Joe Doria and Bill Bird. These two gentlemen have discussed owning a meat market in Boerne, Texas for many years through candid conversation and in June of 2020, they decided to turn their dream into a reality. Joe and Bill are two friends from the same neighborhood in San Antonio and have worked their entire lives towards success. With the lease of the historic Bergheim General Store, located on Highway 46 in Bergheim, Texas, their journey begins.

Our Founder Joe Doria

If you ask Joe Doria what his role is for the new Bergheim Meat Market in Boerne, Texas, he will modestly say “I’m the meat guy.” 

So true….Joe has been working in the meat industry for decades—first with his father at the tender (excuse the meat pun) age of 8—and ever since with businesses of his own, and the last 18 years successfully managing the retail market at Bolner’s Meat Market in San Antonio.  

But don’t let Joe kid you….True, he will be the “meat guy” because he is known far and wide as an expert on meat. But, as Managing Partner of the Bergheim Meat Market, he will personally oversee (and often personally handle) the buying, cutting, and packaging—calling on his 30 years of knowledge, personal experience, contacts, and connections.
Anyone who has dealt with Joe knows his MO is to problem solve, make suggestions, sometimes tell you what you want, and even cut the meat so you get the ribs, shank, roast, ribeye you want.

Joe understands that what happens in the pasture ultimately affects what is on your plate. He has devoted himself to learning about buying on the hoof, boning out meat from a carcass, and preparing all those specialty cuts for sale.

He thrives on questions like “Prime, choice, strip, flank, thumb thick, or grain-fed?” Should it be “boned, rolled, and tied?” Wagyu, Piedmontese, Iberico, or Berkshire?

His mantra …..Buying meat from The Bergheim Meat Market will be an experience of the highest quality, from the customer service during the sale to the wrapped cut at the end. Joe’s own experience will benefit all who walk through the doors, from the novice meat buyer to the seasoned cook or BBQ-er, as well as chefs, non-profits, event planners, and corporations needing gifts.
There is so much more to the story………Joe is the youngest of eight children and was introduced to the meat industry by his father, C.B. Doria, a butcher and pioneer in the poultry and cabrito business in San Antonio.

He inherited his great respect for the farming and ranching industry from him, learning how to steel a knife and butcher animals before he was 10 years old.

He began his professional career at his father’s San Antonio restaurant, where he learned culinary arts and the daily challenges that owners/chefs face. After two decades, Joe and his father left the restaurant and opened Stockdale Packing company, a custom kill plant specializing in cabrito, where Joe learned the retail side of the business. He further developed his skills working at a retail grocery store and meat market
His first entrepreneurial enterprise was J.P. Doria Produce Company and Olmos Park Produce Company; he spent 20 years learning that business. After his 18-year stint at Bolner’s, his entrepreneurial spirt called him back to owning his business—this time with The Bergheim Meat Market.

Joe is married to Helen Uriegas Doria, an elementary school teacher for more than thirty years. They are the parents of two college-aged boys, Joseph and Daniel.

Meet Our Team


David comes from Corpus Christi, TX. He is a second generation butcher. He specializes in the art of sausage making and is a superb butcher. He has perfected the art of butchering both the beef and pork carcass. He is a true master in his field. David loves the outdoors and an occasional ride on his Harley.


Began working at a meat market at a young age just down the street from where she grew up. Victoria proved to possess a natural aptitude for the business and, as one of our youngest employees, maintains responsibility for curating the hundreds of grocery items in our store. She likes spending days at the river and visiting her Mom.