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This is what our customers are saying

"I've known Joe well over 20 years now. I read an article about him and saw he was selling cabrito in San Antonio and that's how I got in touch with him. We harvested goats for him. Joe's knowledgeable and service oriented. I wish him well and look forward to doing business with him in the future."
- Kipp Thompson
"I am a vendor that has sold to Joe over the past 3 years. [I was a] vendor for wild game, and [now consider him] a friend. As a vendor, I have always enjoyed the working relationship with Joe. We have worked together to get the right product that exceeds what his customer is expecting. Joe’s dedication to his craft surpasses the competition, and it is a privilege for our company to be a trusted supply-partner with Joe at the Bergheim Meat Market. Congratulations on opening your new store—you've chosen the perfect location. You've worked harder than anyone I know—and I expect business will be booming in no time!"
- Steve Martin, Ranch to Fork
“I met Joe two years ago when we first launched Texas Iberico, a ranching operation producing Iberico pigs from Spain. He was an enthusiastic supporter and our very first customer. Joe was our first customer and was very helpful with advice. Joe is a man of integrity and generosity who is more than willing to share insight from his many decades in the meat business in Texas. Joe has been a great partner and friend to Texas Iberico and we wish him all the success in the world. Congratulations on your new adventure Joe! May you find success and happiness.”
- Tim Harris
“I’ve known Joe for over 40 years. Our families grew up in the meat business and Joe and I were the same age. Joe is one of the finest butchers I’ve ever met not to mention a fantastic person! He is honest, knowledgeable, customer-focused and will bend over backwards to help you pick out the perfect piece of meat for your dinner or special occasion. I heartily recommend Joe to be your butcher!”
- Michael K.
“I've known Joe D. for 14 years and am excited for him on this new endeavor. I first met Joe D. in 2006 when I was a sales rep for Cargill Food Distribution and he was the meat buyer and the head butcher at Bolner's Meat Market. I enjoyed working with Joe because he believes in the same things as I do: treat others with respect, work harder than you're asked to, [and] give more than you take. I left Cargill Food Distribution in 2013 but have remained a customer and a friend with Joe through the years. He is passionate about his work and his friendships. He understands the meat industry and works with companies that are stewards of the land and humane to their livestock. Joe has an eye for quality and the ability to bring out the best from every steak by the cut he chooses. Joe treats every customer with respect. He takes time to listen and is eager to offer help in selecting the best cut of meat. Joe loves to listen to his customers talk about the experience they're going to have cooking for their family, friends, hunting camp, or whatever event brought them to buy meat from him. Joe has a big personality and offers customers a memorable experience when shopping in his meat market. Joe listens to and stays in touch with all folks in the livestock industry, from the heads of companies to those literally 'in the trenches' making it happen every day. Joe is an old soul and his meat market is a step back to a time when people cared more about what they did and who they were doing it for then how they would gain from it.”
- Scott Hubert
“I've known Joe for 20 years. I was a customer and when I needed special cuts he was the go-to man. He's knowledgeable and he treats me right and his suggestions of the special cuts and marbling is why I'd go to him and we became friends over time. I wish him well and all the best and continued success in the future the market couldn't be in better hands.”
- Adrian Davila, Author of Cowboy BBQ
“I have supplied him with beef for about 10 years [and he] has become a great friend. I have always enjoyed working with Joe. What has impressed me the most about him is his work ethic, and his desire to sell a great product and take care of his customers. I am very excited for Joe in this next chapter. I know he will be a great success and continue to offer his customer high quality products they will love.”
- Jordan Beeman
“I have known Joe Doria for over 25 years. Joe sold produce to me at Texas Pride Barbecue. I was looking for excellent produce from several sources and could find the quality I was looking for until Joe came by and dropped off a card. We gave him a tall order that we wanted some giant potatoes for our Brisket stuffed potato . When he delivered those potatoes they were beyond giant. All the produce Joe delivered was excellent and we bought produce from him till he went into the meat business. I credit a lot of our success to the great products Joe sold us. He has become a friend and I can assure you Joe will never sell an inferior product. Best of luck, Joe! I know you will be a success.”
- Tony Talanco, Texas Pride Barbecue
“Known Joe for 30 years on the produce side. The first time when I met him was when he showed up with beautiful cases of tomatoes. I asked where they were from and he said a local spot. I first bought two cases from the back of his pick up truck and we became friends over time. Then when he went to work at Bolner we stayed in touch. I think it’s great he’s opening his own meat market. I wish him all the best, he really knows his products.”
- Miguel A.
“I first met Joe on a sales call to introduce him to Tender Belly. From our very first conversation, I knew he was a man who appreciated quality products and who had tremendous experience and knowledge on many topics. He truly looks out for his customers and that was something that has always stuck with me. Best of luck buddy! Looking forward to working with you again and now I know where I will be purchasing my proteins. The towns of Bergheim and Boerne just landed a gem! Joe is a no nonsense butcher whose number one priority is looking out for his customers. He goes above and beyond in sourcing the highest quality proteins available and does not settle for anything less. I have worked with many meat markets across the country but would put Joe at the top of the list as far as experience, knowledge, and knowing that anything that he has in his case is going to be top-notch. Best of luck buddy! Looking forward to working with you again and now I know where I will be purchasing my proteins. The towns of Bergheim and Boerne just landed a gem!”
- Austin Nall, Tender Belly